The PGRGC adopted a new set of rules as of June 2016 and revised Aug 2020. All members must be aware of these rules. They will be posted at both facilities in several places.
Ranges are open from 8 am to 10 pm during daylight hours only, seven days a week. No shooting in the dark. If it is dark before 10pm, No shooting is permitted.
You must have your day pass or annual membership card with you while on the range. Directors may ask to see this. Key cards must not be loaned to others.

Guest Policy:

  • Annual Membership holders may bring up to two guests with them. This includes family memberships. A guest may only be invited once and thereafter must purchase a day pass or regular membership.
  • Members must email the club at before taking out guests. Please include names, date attending range, and approximate times. Please allow at least 72 hours notice. You will be sent a confirmation email (this ensures guests are covered by insurance). Guests must be under the supervision of the member at all times.
  • Day pass users may not bring guests for free. All non-members using the range must purchase a day pass from the website (print off or have proof with you), or Corlane’s Sporting Goods PG.
  • Any person on the range who is not a guest of a membership holder, or who does not have a day pass is not covered by insurance and is trespassing on PGRGC property.
  • You may be asked to leave if you fail to produce your day pass or membership card. Trespassing with a firearm is an offense.

Range Rules


  1. Preparing to shoot — keep the muzzle pointed at the target area with your finger outside the trigger guard until ready to fire. 
  2. When done shooting — make the gun safe by removing the magazine, make sure there is no cartridge in the chamber, lock the action open and place the firearm in the rack or on the bench, as directed by the range officer. 
  3. Do not – EVER – step in front of the muzzle of a firearm unless it has been proven unloaded and safe. 

In case of accident call 911, the club address is below. Provide first aid if needed and stay with casualty if necessary. Meet or send someone else to meet responders at the gate and direct them. A First Aid Kit can be found in the clubhouse bar. 

Hartman Range: 9444 Hartman Rd, Prince George, BC V2N 6L6 west off hwy 16. 

Blackwater Range: 25km south on Blackwater Road from hwy 16 west. Past West Lake, past Pelican Turnoff. Approx. 2 km before Baldy Hughes. 

In the event of Forest Fire: Call 1-800663-5555 or call *5555 on a cell. 911 can also be used. 


  1. Range Officer

    1. When two or more shooters are on a range, one must act as Range Officer and enforce the Range Rules. Failure to do so is a contravention of club bylaws. 
    2. A certified Range Officer or another club member may assume these duties from an Acting Range Officer at his or her discretion.
  2. Range Flags

    1. The large red flag (behind the firing line or shelter) must be raised to indicate that a range is in use, and lowered when the last shooter leaves.
    2. The Firing line is the area immediately behind the shooting benches or tables or concrete pad.
    3. Some ranges are equipped with small red and green flags inside the range area.
      1. A red flag means the range is `hot`or `live – Shooting may commence or is under way. – Do not go forward of the firing line. – Firearms (cased or uncased) may be brought into or removed from the range ONLY at this time. – Non-shooters must be behind the firing line
      2. When a ceasefire is called, – Make your firearm safe – Remove the magazine, – Make sure the chamber is empty, – Lock the action open and either put it in the rack or on the bench, as directed by the range officer.
      3. When a green flag is raised – The range is safe – Shooters may go forward to post or take down targets. – Do NOT touch any firearm for any reason during this period, – No Dry Firing – No unpacking or packing of firearms
    4. On ranges without the red-green flag system, the range officer declares the range to be `hot/active`or safe.
      1. Some shooting disciplines such as IPSC and IDPA have their own trained range officials and follow their own safe practices as approved by the PGRGC
    5. Know what is going on around you. Help watch for safety issues, make sure other shooters wait for the range officer`s instructions, make sure everyone is back behind the firing line before the range is declared ready for shooting again.

    1. The ranges are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. during daylight hours only, seven days a week. No shooting after dusk or at night is permitted. 3.1.1. Exemptions for some events may be made by the club executive
    2. All members and persons present at the club using firearms are expected to obey the current Firearms laws and bylaws, transport and storage regulations as required by the Firearms Act and Criminal Code. All members must read and be aware of the club rules and posted signs.
    3. Discharge firearms on designated ranges only. Signs, and the Specific Range Use section (below) indicate what may and may not be used. Violation of the permitted firearms on ranges will result in termination of membership.
    4. Eye and ear protection is mandatory for everyone on a range – shooters, spectators and non shooting guests.
    5. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all ranges. Persons whose behavior exhibits the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted on any range.
      1. Alcohol is only permitted on PGRGC property for special events when no shooting or firearms use is taking place with the approval of the PGRGC Executive, and after any shooting is complete and all firearms locked away.
    6. Use only approved targets (see Targets Section). – Place your target down range directly in line with your bench or table – No cross-range shooting. – Make sure your shots will hit the berm behind your target and not go over. – Short people/children may need to use a stand or lower targets. – Do not attach targets to ground baffles, support posts or edges of target frames or other range structures.
    7. When finished shooting, stand back from the firing line after shooting so the Range Officer and/or other shooters see that a cease-fire can be called to check targets.
    8. All junior members (less than 18 years old) using the Club’s ranges shall be supervised by an adult.
    9. When moving an uncased firearm to or from the ranges, – Make sure the action is open, – That there is no ammunition in the firearm, – That the muzzle is pointed up. – Uncased firearms must not be brought into the ranges during a cease-fire.If you see an unsafe condition at any time, immediately call a cease-fire and notify the Range Safety Officer or Acting Range Officer. Unsafe actions or range conditions must be reported to the Board of Directors via email 
    10. Hunting and shooting wildlife is prohibited on club property.
    11. Keep the range clean. Pack out what you pack in and use the garbage cans and dumpsters, Remove used targets from the stands and put them, with other garbage and refuse, in garbage barrels. Sweep up fired cartridge casings and put them into containers on the range. Do not burn garbage in barrels.
    12. NO SMOKING is permitted while on any of the ranges and/or under structures or in the clubhouse. Smoking/vaping is only permitted away from the firing line/benches and from other shooters. Be aware of fire conditions at the range and extinguish appropriately.
  4. Specific Range Use

    1. Only the Executive can authorize special activities or events and range closures. When there is a special shooting event at a range, that range is closed for all other shooting activities until the event is over unless otherwise stated on the calendar.
      1. Events posted on the website calendar have authority to use the range. Events posted here have priority on range use.
    2. Banned ammunition: Tracer ammunition and any ammunition that is considered illegal. Armour piercing/steel core ammunition (SKS surplus ammo for example) must not be used on club owned steel targets.
    3. Hartman Pistol Ranges: – Handguns chambered in pistol cartridges or rimfire cartridges only. – Rifles, pistols chambered in rifle cartridges, and shotguns are prohibited.
    4. Hartman Centrefire Rifle Ranges 100m+200m: – Only rifles chambered in rimfire cartridges, centrefire pistol cartridges, and centrefire rifle cartridges up to .338 magnum are permitted. – Pistols and shotguns(except slugs) are prohibited.
    5. Hartman Smallbore/.22 Range: – Only rifles chambered in .22 Long Rifle are permitted. – Firearms chambered in .22 magnum or 17HMR are prohibited. – Pistols of any calibre, centerfire rifles, and shotguns are prohibited.
    6. Hartman Action Bays/platerack: – Only pistols chambered in rimfire or pistol cartridges, – Rifles chambered in rimfire or pistol cartridges, – Shotguns loaded with no. 4 birdshot or smaller are permitted. – Rifles or pistols chambered in a rifle cartridge are prohibited. Shotguns loaded with no. 3 or larger shot, buckshot, or slugs are prohibited.
    7.  Blackwater Centrefire Range: – Rifles, shotguns, and handguns are permitted. – All cartridges including rimfire cartridge, shot shell, and centrefire cartridges up to .50 BMG are permitted.
    8. Blackwater Action Bays: – Rifles, shotguns, and handguns are permitted. – All cartridges including rimfire cartridge, shot shell, and centrefire cartridges up to .338 Magnum are permitted.
    9. All Black Powder Trails: Only muzzle loading rifles, smoothbore guns, and black powder handguns are permitted on the black powder trails. Black powder cartridge shotguns are permitted. Only Blackpowder or BP substitute permitted, no modern powders. .75 calibre or smaller round ball or shot only. All shooting from the right hand side of the trail only.
    10. All Trap and Sporting Clays Ranges: – No shot larger than 7 ½. No slugs – Actions open and unloaded at all times – except when preparing to shoot – Maximum of two shells in the gun (for shooting doubles) – All expended shotgun hull casings to be picked up and put into containers – No other trash or cardboard to be put in the containers used for spent hulls – All other paper garbage to be put in burning bin
    11. Holster Use: Is permitted on all ranges (although the use of a hand gun may not be). Any hand gun in a holster must be retained securely, chamber(s) empty with no magazine in the gun.
    12. Black powder long guns (including rifles and muskets) may be used on any range where centre fire rifles can be used. Black powder handguns may be used on any range where centre fire handguns can be used. Be conscious of your smoke drift.
    13. If you are not sure where you may discharge a firearm or specific cartridge, please contact the club email.
  5. Membership Privileges and Rules

    1. Show respect for others at the range. Be considerate and respect the property of others. Violence and threats are a violation of the Club`s Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated.
    2. Do not lend your gate pass, keys or lock combinations to anyone – your membership will be revoked if this happens. Your gate pass logs you in and out. Range cameras record you driving in and out, on the shooting line, and downrange.
    3. You must have a valid Membership Card with you at all times while on the range. Membership cards are not transferable. Any director/warden may ask to see your membership card and it must be produced. Exception is made for those shooting in invitational matches, special events and member guests, in which case guest shooters must not be on the range once their event is over unless they have purchased a daypass.
      1. Members may bring a guest to shoot once. The guest must buy a membership or day pass for subsequent visits. If you are going to bring a guest to the range, please send an email to Daypass users may not bring guests with them, unless each person has bought a daypass.
    4. Persons found to be on the range without a membership or day pass are trespassing on private property, and may be prosecuted.
    5. Ensure that the electronic gate closes behind you at Hartman. At Blackwater, you must manually open and close the gate, ensure that it is locked.
    6. Park only in designated areas; do not obstruct roads, gates or other parked vehicles. Do not drive on the action bays when wet and muddy.
    7. Dogs are not permitted on club property unless authorized by the Executive.
    8. Memberships may be bought at K.K.S Tactical Supplies, Art Knapps (cash/cheque only), or online through the club website using your CC. Day passes can be bought at Art Knapps (cash) or K.K.S Tactical. Please see the club webpage or call for current membership/pass price.
  6. Targets

    1. Only paper targets (no other materials or objects) may be used on the club’s ranges, with the following exceptions (If unsure, contact the club):
      1. Steel animal silhouettes for the Smallbore (Hartman) range and the Blackwater rifle range; 
      2. Steel gongs as approved by Section Directors on the centrefire rifle ranges;
      3. Steel plate targets as approved by Section Directors for handgun (IPSC, IPDA) and Cowboy Action shooting activities;
      4. Specific targets approved by Black Powder Section Directors
      5. Clay targets used by Trap and Sporting Clays shooters. Targets are not to be placed on the top of berms and/or trap houses.
      6. Balloons and small steel reactive targets for .22. (clean up mess after)
      7. Any commercially made steel target made from AR500 steel, with an angle to deflect downwards, a plate that falls or moves, or a plate slung with chains. MILD STEEL IS PROHIBITED, any steel with holes, perforations, deep dents etc is not permitted.
    2. Take down your targets when you are finished.
    3. Blue barrels, props, walls, or any other target/item not mentioned here are the property of club sections and are not to be used without prior authorization and must not to be used for targets.
    4. Do not use large/magnum calibres on the steel, do not use armor piercing or steel core ammo on steel.
    5. The pistol plate rack at Hartman must not be shot with any rifle ammunition.
  7. Explosive Targets/pyrotechnics etc.

    1. All Binary Explosive Targets that are now available in Canada under brand names like Tannerite and Shockwave, are PROHIBITED at both range sites due to noise, risk of fire, injury, and property damage.
    2. Heat generating Smoke grenades, flashbangs and other pyrotechnics are also banned unless approved by the executive for a specific reason. Cold smoke generating grenades are fine if they do not interfere with other shooters.
  8. Range Rentals

    1. Ranges may be rented at any time with notice. The rented range(s) will be closed to members for the duration of the rental. Members must not interfere with rental groups. If there is concern about rental users please contact the club executive. All rentals and events will be posted to the online club calendar. 
    2. Renters are responsible for safe conduct of those in their group at all times and must abide by club safety rules. Renters must clean up the range upon completion of their rental. All brass, cartridges, targets and other refuse must be disposed of.
    3. The renter is responsible for providing their own targets and stands unless otherwise included in the rental. A rental agreement and terms is available from the club on demand.
  9. Range Maintenance

    1. Range maintenance activities take precedence over shooting. When possible, notice will be given either by signage or by posting to the club’s calendar. However, under no circumstances will a maintenance activity be delayed by any club member. 
    2. All club members are expected to volunteer for at least one range maintenance day/cleanup/gunshow each year or can offer other services to the club.
  10. Guests

    1. Adult spectators and children are the responsibility of the PGRGC member who they came with and must remain under the PGRGC member’s control at all times. Do not leave a non-member or new shooter alone with firearms at any time.
    2. The number of guests accompanying any member will be limited to no more than two (2) at any one time per membership. (eg: An individual member can bring up to two guests, a family membership holder may also only bring 2 guests.) These guests may attend the range once, where after they must buy a membership or daypass.
    3. You are responsible for the actions of your guests, and if range rules are not followed you – not the club – are liable in the event of range damage or an accident, and your membership may be revoked.
These rules supersede all past rules published. Please review these rules and abide by them. Revision Aug 2020.

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all members of the Prince George Rod and Gun Club and to our contact with each other as well as to our conversations and comments in person and on-line.
  1. It is a privilege and not a right, to be a member of the Prince George Rod and Gun Club. The club may refuse membership to anyone, at any time.
  2. Prince George Rod and Gun Club members are expected to be a positive role model for the sport, encourage sportsmanship, and take all possible steps to prevent the club and our sports from being brought into disrepute.
  3. Prince George Rod and Gun Club members will act with fairness, honesty, integrity and openness; respect the opinions of others and treat all with equality and dignity without regard to gender, race, colour, creed, ancestry, place of origin, political beliefs, religion, marital status, disability, age, or sexual orientation.
  4. Prince George Rod and Gun Club members will treat each other and all members with respect and ensure that in our contacts and communications we are reasonably polite, whether we are communicating with or regarding any other member(s).
  5. Prince George Rod and Gun Club members will avoid invective, abusive language, profanity, or communication that is deemed to be threatening, harassing, intimidating or humiliating when communicating with another member, match official, club director, or spectator.
    1. If you have a dispute with someone, and it cant be resolved peacefully or in a civil manner it should be reported to the club. The club will follow the conduct investigation outlined below.
  6. Personal disagreements between members, Board Members, and others that do not involve breach of the code of conduct will be resolved by the executive through mediation. The mediator will be a neutral and mutually agreed party.
    1. Directors should not use monthly meetings to resolve personal disputes.
  7. Where the Webmaster or other moderator of the Prince George Rod and Gun Club social media believes that a member’s comments or postings would be in contravention of the above points, the Webmaster or moderator shall take steps to block any such posting(s) and shall as soon as possible refer the postings and their concerns to the Executive to seek direction.
    1. Where appropriate the executive may direct the Webmaster or moderator to release any such posting or may direct that the posting or postings be permanently blocked. The Board may also direct that the individual member making such postings either have their access suspended or that they be blocked from access or from posting until such further decision by the Board.

Conduct Investigation

  1. When alerted of a violation of the club rules or code of conduct, the club president will form a committee composed of members of the Board of Directors. A member of the executive will be one of the members
    1. If no committee is able to be made, the executive will follow the ensuing procedure with the whole Board of Directors.
    2. Committee members who have reason for bias in the situation will not be included in the investigation.
  2. The committee when considering rule violations, inappropriate behaviors or communications or breaches of the code of conduct may consider whatever statements, reports, letters, recordings, videos, photos, or postings that are brought to their attention.
  3. In a member to member dispute, the committee will inquire with both parties about the incident and record these statements
    1. In a single sided dispute, the committee will try their best to corroborate events.
  4. After receiving all evidence, the committee will meet to discuss the events and come to a conclusion. The committee may at any time, communicate with those involved to gain further insight.
  5. Where the committee is satisfied that a member’s actions have been shown to be inappropriate and contrary to the expectations of the Board, the Board may act by any or all of the following:
    1. Requesting that the member apologize in such a manner and forum as is appropriate bearing in mind the nature and circumstances of the inappropriate action, behavior or communications.
    2. Placing the member or members on probation to monitor future behavior for up to one year.
    3. Suspend the member for a period of up to one year
    4. Suspend the member until such time as requested remedial actions or steps have been taken and completed
    5. Recommend the member have their membership be revoked. Refund of membership will not be given.
    6. In the case of a non-member, where revocation of membership is unavailable, the committee can recommend a ban on their access to the range facilities.
  6. When the committee has concluded and made a decision, they will notify the executive.
    1. The President, on behalf of the club, will notify the member, members, or persons of the decision in writing. This can be done via email and/or registered letter.
    2. The secretary will keep all documents related to the event in a file.
  7. Process to appeal: A member will have the opportunity to address the actions they are accused and the consequence handed out, at a meeting of the committee, and/or via email.
    1. The original committee will review the appeal statement and decide if it warrants
  8. Extreme Circumstance: The club executive, when absolutely necessary, may as needed, immediately suspend, prohibit, or sanction a member/person due to the nature of the events in order to keep the peace, prevent further behavior, and protect other members or club property.
    1. The Board of directors will be notified in these cases as soon as possible.
    2. If the Executive, Board of Directors, or committee decide outside action such as police intervention is required, they will contact those authorities as needed and inform the Executive.